About Personal Training Penrith

We're a group of local trainers who started Penrith Personal Training to reach out and help more people. We found often, the most difficult part for our customers is getting started. So we ensure our process makes it easy and is not confrontational like most gyms.

We've helped hunreds of local residents lose weight, build muscle tone and look and feel how they always dreamed.

Meet Marko, the head trainer

"Hi, my name is Marko and nothing makes me happier than the look on a clients face after smashing through an old target! When I was younger I had a difficult time at school and was able to overcome my own weight issues, so now I dedicate myself to helping others.

I've competed across the globe in olympic weight lifting, and trust me, I know what it takes to get to the top, or even just to get out of bed in the morning!"

We've been local to the Penrith area for over 20+ years. Come down and find us at Jamison Park, Nepean River, Glenmore Park or our South Penrith Classes.Click here to contact us